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Garlic: Tastier or smellier

Garlic: Tastier or smellier

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It’s impossible to live without it. Either you love it, or you hate it profoundly….

It is known for its love-hate relationship with each person he meets, it must be accurate otherwise it will dominate everything it touches.  Its head has a dozen teeth, and it is one of the healthiest vegetables on earth, and at the same time it is the smelliest of all. Ladies and Gentlemen:  please meet Mr. Garlic.

The Garlic belongs to the onions family. And has always been a part of all kitchens around the world, as a spice and as a vegetable with a significant health role. Garlic revealed itself to the world in the early days of ancient Egypt culture and besides enriching the flavor of dishes back then; garlic was also used as the Guidant to the dead into the afterlife.

The only problem with the garlic is the strong smell which cannot be camouflaged. Roman aristocracy banned it l from the kitchen because of its dominant smell, and the church disliked it as well. But despite its strong odor, garlic is an inseparable part of a wide range of classic foods and sauces that are can’t literally be prepared without it, like the Gramoleth (parsley and lemon sauce), aioli and pesto.

You can find fresh garlic around March -April. It is also possible to dry the garlic in a dark and cool place and by doing so you can extend its life for months. You can also peel and freeze the garlic cloves and use it for months to come. There is no difference between fresh garlic and dry garlic except for the smell. Green garlic can spread its smell all over and all the time, and dry garlic releases its fragrance only when the garlic cloves are squeezed.garlic

So why is Garlic so healthy?

Many home remedies are based on garlic. There is amino acid and allicin. This acid is actually a compound similar to penicillin antibiotics and has the capability of effective germ-fighting and curing various infections. Garlic is also effective in preventing aging skin, fungal infections, lowers cholesterol, strengthens the digestive system, prevents colds and throat infections, and helps kidney function.  Some say that garlic also prevents cancer by decreasing cell proliferation, DNA repair, and stimulation of cell death. To enjoy the medicinal virtues of garlic, it should be consumed immediately after cutting and prior to cooking because the vinegar evaporates from allicin garlic a few moments after being peeled and cut.

The garlic in your food

Everyone is familiar with the regular use of garlic in daily dishes served at our home or at restaurants.  Garlic can be found in pasta dishes, tomato sauce, pizza, salad dressing, or as a delicious seasoning for many different kinds of dishes. Garlic soup with croutons and olive oil can be a light and satisfying meal. Tomato salad with parsley, fresh garlic and pine nuts is the perfect dish for the hot summer days.

And of course unpeeled garlic cloves grilled in a shishlik. The garlic loses its pungent flavor and turns into the most delicious an enchanting sweetness taste for everyone, convincing even the biggest of the haters of garlic to fall in love with its special flavor.

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