Rocket, Artichoke And Egg Salad

Rocket, Artichoke And Egg Salad

8 oz (250g) rocket or any small-leaved salad greens
8 cooked or tinned artichoke hearts
4 very fresh eggs
citronette dressing
1 tsp finely chopped spring onions or chives
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper

Have the eggs at room temperature, place them in a saucepan and add sufficient cold water to cover them. Heat very slowly to boiling point and as soon as the water reaches a full boil, remove from the heat. Take the eggs out and leave to cool; they will be deliciously soft-boiled and should be perfectly safe to eat, provided you have bought them from a reliable source. If, however, you prefer your eggs almost hard-boiled, boil for 5 minutes after the water has reached boiling point and cool quickly in cold water.

Drain the artichoke hearts if using tinned ones, cut into julienne strips and place in the centre of a shallow bowl. Surround with the rocket leaves.

Peel the eggs carefully, cut in half and place next to the artichoke strips. Stir the chopped spring onion or chives into 1 tbsp olive oil with a pinch of salt and drizzle delicately over the eggs. Sprinkle the citronette dressing over the rocket leaves and artichoke strips, and serve at once.

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